Jute rope

Essentially, jute rope is a type of rope that is made from a natural, vegetable fibre – called jute.

Jute is harvested from the bark of a jute plant, such as Corchorus olitorius or Corchorus capsularis. The individual fibres are very long, soft and shiny. However, they can be tightly spun into a thread that is both strong and coarse, and used to create either three-strand or four-strand rope.

Due to its natural construction, jute rope has a traditional ‘sandy brown’ appearance and can be easily dyed (in a variety of colours) using standard fabric dyes. This means it’s a fantastic option for decorative applications. It also boasts a number of other useful properties.

  • biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
  • lightweight
  • durable
  • resistant to heat
  • resistant to UV light
  • supple and flexible
  • soft to touch
  • suitable for knotting (with good knot retention)

Jute rope is a very similar to Hemp rope, but is usually cheeper. The two are very similar in terms of their characteristics and, as such, they can be used for many of the same applications.

Do jute ropes shrink when wet?

Yes. As they are made from natural fibres, jute ropes quickly absorb water and expand in width, which causes them to shrink in length.
For use in water it is recomended to use syntetic ropes such as Hampex or XXX

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